Fora, Fauna, and Meriwether

Okay, so that was a cheap joke. But it was a cheap joke originally, too.

I don't know what to come up with for a link for Meriwether. A link to the Lewis and Clark Museum under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis would be good. Maybe I can find one. I've been there, at least.

As for Fauna, well, go to the Arboretum. Oh, wait, that's the wrong Arboretum. I've never been to that one. Go to this one instead. Oh, wait again. That would be Flora, not Fauna. Although I always think of Flora as being here. Fauna are in the zoo, I guess. The zoo is in Brookfield, which is on the train line.

But the real reason this page is here is because here are the links I use on a daily basis, as well as ones I use on a not-so-daily basis.

My Frequent Links

  1. My LiveJournal Friends Page | Login/Logout
  2. The Square One TV Web Site Forum
  3. UIUC Department of Mathematics
  4. Comcast Mail Center
  5. UIUC CITES Express E-mail

My Less-Than-Daily Links

  1. UI-Integrate (Banner) Self-Service
  2. National Weather Service LOT Office | Latest LOT radar | DuPage County Hazardous Weather Alerts
  3. National Weather Service ILX Office | Latest ILX radar | Champaign County Hazardous Weather Alerts | Sangamon County Hazardous Weather Alerts
  4. UIUC Dining Services locations | Today's Menu
  5. Libraries: LINC | SWAN | MAGIC | Naperville
  6. eBay "My eBay" Page
  7. State Of Illinois Web Site
  8. ESPN's Fantasy Hockey main page
  9. Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates main page
  10. Crimson Tide flag main page
  11. My Puzzle Pirates Info Links
  12. NeoPets's Events Page | Alternate Login Page
  13. Jill's Discus board
  14. ETS PASS Scheduler | ETS Online Scoring Login Page
  15. Jill's current iMood

My Reference Links

  1. Dictionary | Translator
  2. Internet Movie Database
  3. Area Code Information
  4. SmartPages Yellow/White Page Search
  5. USPS ZIP+4 Lookup
  6. AnyWho Telephone Reverse Lookup
  7. IP Address WHOIS Search
  8. Indonesian Tourism Distance Calculator
  9. MapQuest Driving Directions
  10. Nokia 6340i Help Page (or "How to use my cell phone")
  11. CDZ Limited

My Utility Links

  1. CCSO Bandwidth Management Usage Info
  2. Comcast HTTP File Upload (does not support Opera)
  3. Java 1.4.1 SE API
  4. Domain Name Search
  5. Connection Speed Test
  6. Gibson Research ShieldsUp! Security Test
  7. Cingular Text Messaging | Former AT&T Text Messaging
  8. OpenBSD Main Page | FAQ 4 (Installation) | FAQ 6 (Networking)