Known Issues

Every web site should have a page of Known Issues. For the most part, this page has to do with how other pages on this web site behave unintendedly in various browsers.

Page MSIE 6.0 NN 6.2 NN 4.7 Opera 6.04 Lynx 2.8.4 Mosaic 3.0
index.html Well, okay, IE 6 is the browser I expect people to be using. So, um, everything works as intended in IE 6. (That might not always be the case, I realize, but if it only works in ONE browser, I'm likely to pick this one.) The header image is left-justified. Sorry, can't get this browser to work at all right now. Please try again later. (Although last I got it to run, everything displayed exactly as expected, unlike 6.2.) The header image is left-justified. The color-changer allows selection of a different colorset; however, the page then automatically refreshes with "Classic". (This problem appears to go away when the file is accessed remotely. Perhaps Opera does not allow local pages to store cookies. (That seems beyond odd, though.)) As a non-JavaScript browser, neither the header not the footer loads. As a non-graphical browser, the header image does not display; however, the alt text displays instead just fine. Neither the header nor the footer loads. JavaScript garbage appears above the header image. The header image is left-justified.