Jason Elliot Benda's Home Page

"Wishing you a pleasant day and a higher GPA since 1995."

Welcome to the tenth incarnation of Jason Elliot Benda's Home Page. It's been a while since JEBHP had an overhaul, and with this move to a new webspace, I'm introducing several new features. You'll see more JavaScript in JEBHP 10 than ever before, as I get better at working with it. The ability to change the color schemes is just the beginning. But that also means that some of the color differentiations I have used in the past are gone by the wayside.

I'm hopeful that you'll also see a more consistent style, more accessible links, better use of space, and an overall better experience than previous versions. I've worked hard to make JEBHP 10 compliant with all applicable standards, and I've made extensive use of CSS styles and HTML closing tags.

Non-Smoking Advisory

Jason Elliot Benda's Home Page continues to have a strict no smoking policy. If your computer is smoking, please extinguish it immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

What's up?

Some of you know that I don't have a Favorites list set up in my browsers at home. That's what some of my web space is for, after all; I have a public favorites set, and anyone can see it here. Some of that was in the old Useful Stuff section of previous versions, but I found myself automatically going there when I first loaded the page. So the first thing I am going to place here is a list of links I visit nearly every time I am online. After that, well, I have put a few other pages up.

That's all for now. Slowly, I'll get everything I want up. For now, if you have any suggestions, the new footer should help you.