The Lab

Safety First! Always Wear Goggles And Lab Coat Or Apron While In The Lab

Well, someone asked what happened to the lab. So I found it. The lab was a place for me to design the tricks I was going to use for JEBHP 10, where I built the stylesheets, tweaked the JavaScript, created the colorsets, and in general looked at what what looked like. I tried to track how each thing I did worked in each browser I tested, and I made a lot of decisions based on that.

One of the most important things in The Lab is getting the finished product out for the world to see. In JEBHP 9 and earlier, I had links like this in Useful Stuff; here, The Lab is the place for them. The list on the left is for my old ISP, AT&T Worldnet Service, the list in the middle is for AT&T Broadband Internet, and the list on the right is for Comcast High-Speed Internet.

Web Site Management Utilities

The thing that I referred to The Lab for most was my Color Chart. As I state in my FAQ, one of the tenets of accessibility JEBHP 10 subscribes to is to restrict color choices to the so-called 216 "web-safe" colors. The idea behind that is that every color in JEBHP 10 should be able to be rendered on a 256-color display without dithering, creating uniformity across machines. Additionally, it prevents a problem I have had with some sites, where even on the same machine and the same monitor, the same web page looks like it uses completely different colors in three different browsers. In order to safe space, the colors listed below are in short-hex notation; the full hex code simply doubles each character. For example, the color listed as F69 would normally be written in a style as #FF6699.

Web-Safe Color Chart

000 003 006 009 00C 00F 030 033 036 039 03C 03F 060 063 066 069 06C 06F
300 303 306 309 30C 30F 330 333 336 339 33C 33F 360 363 366 369 36C 36F
600 603 606 609 60C 60F 630 633 636 639 63C 63F 660 663 666 669 66C 66F
900 903 906 909 90C 90F 930 933 936 939 93C 93F 960 963 966 969 96C 96F
C00 C03 C06 C09 C0C C0F C30 C33 C36 C39 C3C C3F C60 C63 C66 C69 C6C C6F
F00 F03 F06 F09 F0C F0F F30 F33 F36 F39 F3C F3F F60 F63 F66 F69 F6C F6F
090 093 096 099 09C 09F 0C0 0C3 0C6 0C9 0CC 0CF 0F0 0F3 0F6 0F9 0FC 0FF
390 393 396 399 39C 39F 3C0 3C3 3C6 3C9 3CC 3CF 3F0 3F3 3F6 3F9 3FC 3FF
690 693 696 699 69C 69F 6C0 6C3 6C6 6C9 6CC 6CF 6F0 6F3 6F6 6F9 6FC 6FF
990 993 996 999 99C 99F 9C0 9C3 9C6 9C9 9CC 9CF 9F0 9F3 9F6 9F9 9FC 9FF

Another use for The Lab was an area to check the behavior of my stylesheets. I have one standard stylesheet that I use across all my pages in JEBHP 10, which defines such things as header display, normal font choices, use of <code> tags, and indents and margins on paragraphs. The stylesheet also removes the color differentiation for clicked-on links, since it drives me batty. But sometimes I forget what an H4 Special header looks like. Also, it was important to show how the headers and normal text, as well as visited and unvisited links, would look in each of my colorsets. So I developed an area to test just that.

Test Text

This is an H1 header!

This is an H2 header.

This is a paragraph with no special formatting.

This is a special H3 header.

This is a normal H3 header.

This is another boring paragraph.

This is another H2 header.

This is yet another H3 header.

This is an H4 header.

This is yet another boring paragraph.

This is an H5 header.
This is an H6 header.

This is a special H4 header.

This is another H6 header.
This is blinking text. (Never use.) This is more text, not part of a paragraph. In addition, here is an unvisited link and a visited link. (Please don't click on the unvisited link and mess things up. It really goes nowhere.)

The only other things I developed in The Lab were some JavaScript things, some of which were incorporated into the header of this page, and things like my FormGrader function, which is pretty useless by itself. At some point I'll have to put up the old Quiz Generator in an appropriate place. For now, that's all for The Lab.

It is now safe to remove your goggles. Have a nice day.